Welcome to our Budo and karate club KSBR

Karate is a Japanese martial art originated from Okinawa that fosters not only a complete personal physical development of those who practice it regularly, also teaches many important life values, like self-respect, self-control, strong personal concentration, among many other life values.

Skills all that will come in handy in our life for our children, both in childhood and adolescence, and that they will learn in an entertaining way while establishing a strong relationship with their peers and teachers.

We train and teaching 2 different Japanese styles in our budo & Karate club.
1 – Traditional Genseiryu karate style after Shukumine sensei founder of Genseiryu and now under his family authorities of the style, for students will practice after the traditional Okinawa Genseiryu karate.

2 – Japanese Budo style Genkidokairyu after the old budo model where you train different styles under the same styles.

3 – We also train sports karate for students will train seriouslly up for national and international championships and become one of our medalists from DK. 

Hereby our students train self defense through our 2 main styles.
In the Budo & Karate club, everyone is welcome regardless of age, gender and experience.
However, you must be at least 5 years old to start.

If you need to know more than what is described on this website, please contact us and book an appointment to get past our lessons Tuesday and Saturday where you can get a FREE trial lesson.
Training in Budo and karate club Kokusai Renmei SougoBudo.

Training takes place under leadership shihan 6 dan with over 40 years of experience in Budo and karate world, nationally and internationally and train various Budo, karate styles, Kendo, Iaido, Jiu Jitsu, Jodo, Judo, with many more over the years, as the first sensei from Denmark visited and trained directly under Shukumine sensei in Japan and with daily teaching takes place by sempai, in the Budo & karate club KSBR.

Traditional Genseiryu Karate or traditional budo styles Genkidoryu is a great way for adults, teens and children to get in good shape.

You get a better one:

– Flexibility
– Fitness
– Physical strength
– Harmony
– Coordination
– Concentration ability / Zen
– Mental strength
– Exercise & fitness
– Even discipline
– Self confidence
– Self-respect
– Self control
– Flexibility

You build up different muscle groups and your body becomes flexible and stronger over time.

One gets built up different muscle groups and your body becomes in very good form, Added to this is a good body funchinality skills and coordination ability.
You get on the whole a better sense of her own body.

When you exercising at our club KSBR must be prepared to work hard up a sweat.
During the hour we typically coach when you really get used your body, and sometimes it may require some self-discipline not to just give up.
On the other hand, after an hour an incredibly nice feeling of having done something.

Although training can be tough, you get more energy to train in our club KSBR.
It can be felt f. ex. In school, high school, college or work. At the same time it gives a good confidence for both boys and girls, when one feels that one is in form and has control over his physique and his movements. It’s also a nice feeling to know that after each training time has been better at defending themselves.

We are members of:

Danish Traditional Genseiryu Karate Federation
Danish Sports Federation- DIF/NCS.
Danish karate Federation
International Federations