Okinawan Genseiryu karate, kobudo & chambareh, Genkidokairyu,
Sougobudo and Self-defense:

The training combines many different combat systems that enable you to defend yourself and others.
We also combine Genkidokairyu and sougobudo and Genseiryu karate

How does exercise in Genseiryu karate and Genkidokairyu strengthen your natural health?
With this martial arts training, you use your entire body and get to know all your muscles and joints.
You strengthen the body, as a whole, in a harmonious interplay of all body functions, thereby avoiding getting hurt by over- or under-stressing parts of your body.

You learn to get full control of your body in all situations, while the movements and strength training in martial arts, karate and Genkidokairyu have a cleansing effect that strengthens your circulation, balance and makes you more agile.
The balanced activation of your body functions also has preventative effect against various back problems. Finally, you can better regulate your weight and you retain the beauty of your body.


Sougobudo is an absolutely safe protection system that allows you to practice and use self-defense techniques without exposing yourself and others to physical harm.
In this way, you learn the most effective self-defense art according to your individual needs.