** Adult training **

We have an adult team in both

1- Okinawa Genseiryu karate
2- Japanese Genkidokairyu styles.

Our adult education & training is based on the traditional form of training from Japan, and Okinawan, which is suitable for both women and men who want to challenge themselves well and build strong physical and mental.

In Budo and Karate club training is challenging and hard but also fun in its way, but you get strengthened your entire body muscles and become agile and strong with time.
With training Zen karate training in the Budo & karate club you get much better concentration ability over time Who will help you at work, school, university etc.

Karate is good after a long day after work, school, university, etc.

Okinawa Genseiryu karate is Japanese martial art with immersion, philosophy and fellowship in its training form.

Karate is challenging and hard but also fun, you get strengthened your muscles all over the body and become well-agile with time through training.

After that, a few superfluous kilos will then come away through training
We receive both beginners and experienced members / students.

Tuesday – Genseiryu karate in the dance hall
Adult at. 18:30

Thursday – Genkidokairyu in the cultural hall
Adult at. 18:00

Saturday – Genseiryu Karate & Genkidokairyu in the dance hall
Adult at. 13:00

Saturday. Genkidokairyu
Adult at. 14:00

tager både begyndere og øvede medlemmer/elever.

Tirsdag – Genseiryu karate i dansesalen
Voksen kl. 18.30

Torsdag – Genkidokairyu i kultursalen
Voksen kl. 18.00

Lørdag – Genseiryu Karate & Genkidokairyu i dansesalen
Voksen kl. 13.00

Lørdag . Genkidokairyu
Voksen kl. 14.00