Friday d, 5 August 2022 training starts after summer holidays.
Start your training with new karate teams and a new club training room in the center of Copenhagen
On Friday, Okinawa Genseiryu karate – (Korsgadehallen) Budo & karate Copenhagen center club

  • Children teams from 5 years start at. 16.00
  • Children from 10/11 years & Young people start at 17.00
  • Young & young adults start at. 18.00
  • Young adult & adult start at. 19.00
    We look forward to welcoming new students of all ages!
    Children, Young, Adults!
    Start with training in our Japanese martial arts / Budo and Karate club,
    a great offer just for you who want to try using yourself and your strengths with the Japanese Budo / Martial Arts & Martial Arts styles
    Burn all the extra KG you have been putting on lately.
    Remember that Japanese karate is for all ages, genders, shapes and forms.
    Would you like to start training karate together?
    Writing in our online form you want to sign up and start your training

Use our online booking and reserve your place for Karate training or your free trial hour and Come to a non-binding trial hour!
Train right up until you are getting well in the pious in our Traditional Genseiryu karate club in Prismen, the house of sports. (one of the old Genseiryu karate club in DK)

We welcome new students and welcome new members of all ages, genders, Adults, Youth & Children for new karate teams

** Training traditional Okinawan Genseiryu Karate **

Start signing up online and reserve your place for training Karate after July holidays all the way up to new year,
We receive new students from August 2022 who will start training karate in new class
Karate is good for everyone want to train and build their body and mind well and strong,

Everyone is welcome to give the chance and take a free trial in our budo and karate club on amager copenhagen.

  • Free trial for adult & young
  • Free samples for children
  • Order your free trial hour for Genseiryu karate online NOW and reserve your place in our dojo for your karate training,
Shukumine sensei

We receive new students from Friday 5, August 2022,
who will start training Japanese Genkidoryu in new teams
Start signing up online and reserve your place for training Japanese mix martial arts Genkidoryu after the new year holiday, all the way up to Summer in order to get in good shape in our Traditional Japanese mix stylish club in Prismen, the sports house.

See you for training in our Japanese budo & karate club dojo,
We are very close to the Copenhagen center and you can easily reach our club from all over Copenhagen